Monitoring 147.270/R and 145.670/S(FM/DV) and 442.750/DV in Toledo, Ohio

My Amateur Radio Interests

There's always something to new to learn and explore.

Some of the things I enjoy about the hobby...

  • Solid-State Electronics
  • Antenna Construction and Performance
  • Skywarn (Severe Weather)
  • ARES Traffic Net and ARES Events
  • Echolink and IRLP (this is really neat, but I almost consider it cheating)
  • Satellite and Space Communications
  • "Rag Chewing" via Phone (SSB and FM) - I don't do Morse Code (CW)...yet!
  • HF/VHF/UHF Communication
  • Microwave Communication (but need the equipment)
  • SSTV and Digital Communications

You can see some of the thinks I enjoy doing from the links to the right.