Monitoring 147.270/R and 145.670/S(FM/DV) and 442.750/DV in Toledo, Ohio

Digital Modes

When it comes to digital modes (PSK31, MSFK31, RTTY, heck even CW) nothing beats Fldigi.  FLDIGI is software developed by W1HKJ that will encode and decode audio signals to and from a computers sound card, over the air, or via a West Mountain RigBlaster or Tigertronics Signalink.  The software works really well when you can get it working with your radio to control the Push To Talk.  With RxID and TxID, the software will then automatically determine what's happening depending on what you or another person is transmitting.

Here's a snippet of the "waterfall".  This was morse code which the program automatically decoded for me.

I've used the software successfully just holding a plain speaker and microphone next to the radio and it works quite well (check out my YouTube videos demoing this under Photos/Videos section).  Although, you'd typically want to plug your radio into the sound card input and output ports directly.  If you're familiar with computers and modems (the old hook to your phone line or coupler), really what is happening is the radio is acting as the phone company/phone line transmitting the data, and FLDIGI is the modem encoding and decoding the data and showing it to you in the visual interface on screen. 

You can download the software from the FLDIGI site.

Confused by what you're hearing?  Here's some pictures and sounds of digital modes below.

73 - Zack