Monitoring 147.270/R and 145.670/S(FM/DV) and 442.750/DV in Toledo, Ohio

Contact Me

How to contact me.  We'll, if you really need to contact me for some reason, check out my web page at and get my contact information from there. I may be somewhere around the globe, but if in doubt, you can send me an email and I can retrieve it from anywhere via ham radio at

You can also attempt to contact me on the following frequencies in the Toledo Area.

Want to contact me?

If you're an Amateur Radio Operator, try the following ways....

1.) If you're local to the Toledo, Ohio area - give me a call on the TMRA 147.270 repeater.  I also monitor all the other local repeaters (like WJ8E 147.345 and W8RZM 147.375, etc, etc) give one a call. If you're really close, try 146.520 Simplex - I always monitor that, but I also monitor 145.670 Simplex (FM and DV) also.  Most of the time I'm "scanning" these frequencies when I'm mobile to/from work, mobile at lunch, mobile running errands on the weekends, or just working in the shack or garage, etc.

2.) D-Star - I am normally on the W8HHF 442.750+ repeater and that is normally linked to Reflector 038A out of the Cleveland area.  You can also try call sign routing to find me automatically on the D-Star network.

3.) If you're on the Internet, try the following - EchoLink - my call sign is N8ZAK.  I don't do a lot of EchoLink, but check to see if I'm online there.

4.) You can also try Skype for Audio/Video/IM - my username is "zburns" or "zack-n8zak".  I usually have this running in my shack most evenings from 6:00pm - 11:00pm Eastern Time.

5.) You can send me an email to - and I'll get back to you ASAP.  I monitor that mailbox usually from 8:00am to 11:00pm Eastern Time.

6.) I also do some social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc), but not a lot due to the fact that advertising and marketing and spam have ruined that for me. Your best best is @n8zak on Twitter.

Typical Hours of Operation in the Shack

Monday - Friday 06:00 p.m. - 09:00 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday - almost all day - I'm usually in the shack working on some project.

Other Information

Call Sign N8ZAK
Previous Call KD8JGR
License Class Extra
QTH Latitude


(41° 31' 6'' N)

QTH Longitude


(83° 38' 59'' W)

Grid Square EN81em
Country USA
State Ohio
County Wood
GMT Offset -5 Hours
QSL by Mail YES 100% w/SASE
QSL by Email YES
FCC ID 3041926