Monitoring 147.270/R and 145.670/S(FM/DV) and 442.750/DV in Toledo, Ohio

Sound Bites and Audio Clips

Here's some sights and sounds, and other audio clips I've captured using Ham Radio.  This stuff is beamed all around the globe and all around your local community.  Information here is all public.  No encrypted communications or public safety information is published or discussed here.

Amateur Radio is MUCH more than voice.  Amateur Operators can handle digital traffic, video traffic, heck even smoke signals!  Well I can't do smoke signals, but I'm sure somebody out there can.

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) and Ham Radio Operators are under strict guidelines to handle traffic in an unencrypted means.  That means we CANNOT in any way obscure the meaning of our traffic.  It has to be easily understandable or known by the trained operating community.  Since this is the case, and the airwaves are "free" - here are some sound bites of MYSELF and other operators "working". 

See if you can pick my voice out (or other mode - as all transmission must identify the radio operator).  Remember - I'm N8ZAK (in pre 5/2011 I'm KD8JGR - my old call) and you should hear/see my call at least every 10 minutes or at the end of the communication (as required by law).

Voice Operations
Date Event Purpose and Link to Listen
1/6/11 Lucas County ARES Training Net This was in the middle of the net, Steve (W8TER) asked if anybody was having a station issue to which I replied (as I had an issue the other day attempting to check into the emergency power net).  You can also hear Bob (WD8PIC) add information to the discussion (Bob's awesome and has some great ears!)  (You can also hear a "double transmission over mine" from somebody) Listen Here (MP3 file).
2/24/11 Lucas County ARES Training Net This net was furthering our knowledge of FLDIGI.  An important weather bulletin was released also regarding possible flooding, etc.  This net included check-ins by W8TER, N8TNV, KJ0EYT, KD8JGR and KD8EVN.  We also discussed the ARES meeting for Saturday. Listen Here (MP3 file).
3/16/11 Testing Simplex Mobile Finally wired the Tacoma for mobile FM VHF/UHF operations and wanted to make sure everything sounded good.  So I just recorded this QRP over 146.580 simplex.  The antenna is about a 1.7:1 at the worst and has a 3db gain.  Has a 6db gain on the 440 side.  Listen Here (MP3 file).
11/4/11 Lucas County Siren Training Net Net

I was net control operator for this net.  This is a nice somewhat relaxed net to run, but unfortunately this day, the Lucas County EMA failed to sound the sirens for testing purposes - which I had to deal with.  This net's purpose is to train net control operators in the event of a severe weather emergency or a danger to citizens within 10 miles or Davis Besse Nuclear Power Plant and operators are called up - then we know what to do.

Here is audio that has been time compressed, audio resampled down to 23,000Hz and audio amplified another 14.1db over what my scanner recorded it at.  Listen Here (MP3 file).

11/17/11 Mobile Simplex Test I was having an antenna issue on the mobile, so I fixed that and did a morning test while driving to work in the morning.  This recording is from my home scanner, and I was doing about 70 mph driving up I-75 - so there's a little background noise, but this is typical FM simplex voice sounding traffic. Listen Here (MP3 file).
  Mobile Checking into the Nortwest Ohio ARES Traffic Net Checking into the Sunday Night Northwest Ohio ARES Traffic net via my mobile rig.  Sounds like a station doubled with me, and Mike (W8MAL) was sure to make sure he got picked up. Listen Here (MP3 file).
Digital Operations
Date Event Purpose and Link to Listen
6/13/07 Broadband Over Power Lines (BPL) W8PSK (a local ham in Bowling Green, Ohio) recorded and did testing to make sure notching of Dacor's and Amperion's Broadband Over Power Line (BPL Internet) didn't affect 10 meter operations.  If you hear this sound, notify the FCC Immediately as it is illegal interference.
Local Repeater ID's and Miscellaneous Sounds (all sounds in MP3 Format)
K8TIH The Voice of Wood County, The Great Black Swamp
WJ8E Bob-WD8PIC Announcement, Sound Bite #2 This repeater talks WAY TOO MUCH! Some of the hourly id's are funny though.
KD8BTI Hourly ID
W8RZM Hourly ID
K8ALB Grandfather Clock, GTARA

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73 - Zack