Monitoring 147.270/R and 145.670/S(FM/DV) and 442.750/DV in Toledo, Ohio

About N8ZAK - Zachary Burns

This really is a great hobby to explore. You don't have to be a math wizard or nerd. You just have to have the desire to learn. There are 7 year old's with an Amateur Radio License, so you can do it! Some of the things you'll learn about are...

  • Local/Regional/Statewide/World Wide Communication (for free, no cell phone minutes, etc, etc)
  • Make new friends and find old ones! (there are almost 700,000 licensed ham radio operators in the U.S. - almost 2.5 million world-wide) and growing!
  • Radio Wave Propagation
  • Satellite Communication (AMSAT/NOAA Weather)
  • Communicate with Astronauts in space (or the International Space Station ISS)
  • Sun/Earth Relationships and Solar Waves/Auroras
  • ARES and Traffic Nets (help others in need)
  • Build Antennas for those that are handy and like hands on tinkering
  • Radio Astronomy
  • Ham Radio via Balloons, Bicycles, Hiking, Boating, etc.
  • Old Radio Collecting or Inventing New Radio techniques
  • Morse Code - yes, it's faster than cell phone texting! see video
  • Civil Air Patrol
  • Computer Control
  • Radio Control (Aircraft, Land, and Sea Based Model Vehicles)
  • Contesting (this can be really fun - but you've got to be patient)
  • Fox Hunting
  • Internet Communication and VOIP over the airwaves
  • EchoLink
  • Emergency Communications (EMCOMM)
  • Field Day (Camping and Ham Radio do mix!)
  • Handi-Hams (help the handicap get licensed)
  • Build receiver and transmission kits (if you like building and soldering)
  • Moon Bounce communications
  • Digital as well as Analog communications (PSK-31/MT63/JT65/etc)
  • SSTV (Slow Scan Television)
  • Microwave Transmission (point to point)
  • Skywarn and Severe Weather Tracking
  • FSTV/ATV (Fast Scan Television)
  • Teaching/Testing (become a volunteer examiner)
  • Promote Science for Youth and Young Ladies (we need more science)

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Amater Radio is about having fun, learning new things, spreading good-will internationally, and helping others. 

Above, I'm having fun at Maumee Bay State Park, on the shores of Lake Erie while camping with the family.

That weekend was the Ohio QSO party.  I even ran into operators monitoring 14.260 Mhz during Hurricane Irene.