Monitoring 147.270/R and 145.670/S(FM/DV) and 442.750/DV in Toledo, Ohio

Satellite and "Space" Communications

I've always enjoyed space - yes I enjoy my personal space, but I'm talking about outer-space.  You can read more about those hobbies over at my main web site, - so I won't bore you with those details here.

When it comes to Amateur Radio, you can actually communicate around the world and even into to outer-space given some time and patience.  I'm getting more into the theory of Satellite Communications (bouncing radio signals off of satellites orbiting the Earth), there have even been amateur's bouncing signals off the moon and back to Earth.

A great introduction to satellite communication can be downloaded in PDF form here (courtesy of RadCom March 2007).

Another "mode" I find interesting is communicating with the International Space Station (they call this Amateur Radio on the International Space Station - ARISS).  The following are uplink (sending to) and downlink (receiving from) frequencies for the International Space Station are currently in use (and subject to Doppler Shift - but will remain for some time).  Try calling the station or at least listen in.

Voice and Packet Downlink : 145.800Mhz

Voice Uplink : 144.490Mhz

Packet Uplink : 145.990Mhz

Crossband FM Repeater Uplink : 437.800Mhz