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Challenger Learning Center

What Is The Challenger Learning Center (CLC)?

Out of the terrible tragedy that occurred on January 28, 1986 to NASA's Challenger Space Shuttle STS-51-L and it's crew, the families of those brave astronauts setup a foundation to continue the legacy of learning and exploration.  The Challenger Learning Center Foundation was a result.  The heart of CLC's mission is to educate and facilitate scientific learning among young students in the K-12 age ranges - focusing primarily on the sciences (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Want More Information Abou The Challenger Learning Center (CLC)?

The best resource for learning about the CLC is their website.  You can obtain a wealth of information from Northern Ohio's center at or the national parent website at

How Does Toledo Mobile Radio Association (TMRA) Help?

Prior to my joining the club, a rather large investment of time, money and fellow amateur radio operators' skills, setup a working Amateur Radio station capable of communicating with the Space Shuttle, the International Space Station, and Amateur Radio Satellites.  Even Meteor and Moon-bounce communication around the globe and into space isn't out of the question.  I commend TMRA and CLC for endeavoring in this mission to help educate young people from everything from Amateur Radio, Space Flight, Communication, Scientific Learning, and the list goes on and on and on.

TMRA's main goal is the educate, maintain and support the CLC with an Amateur Radio Station installed on their site.  Although we help, we require (according the FCC rules) a licensed control operator at the helm.  Reed Steele, the director of the CLC, currently holds a FCC Technician Class Operators license.  If you hear him on the airwaves, give him a shout.  His call is KD8HYY.

Zack, Why Do You Care About CLC?

Good question!  I've always been fascinated by the sciences (mostly physical, chemistry, etc).  I grew up in the Cleveland, Ohio area and had relatively close access the the NASA Glenn Research Center (used to be called NASA Lewis Research Center).  My father used to take me there on several occasions - it was an awesome Saturday trip every once in a while.  I was convinced I wanted to pursue a career with NASA.  Well life takes it's turns, I ended up pursuing a career in Computer Science and got my B.S. and M.S. in the field and it's treated me very well.  

When presented with the opportunity at my first TMRA meeting to hear what the club was doing at the CLC - I was excited to learn more.  A couple of meetings and work parties at the CLC to setup some equipment and work with other like minded individuals and I was hooked.  In September 2011 the current liaison Steven Bellner (W8TER) asked if I could handle the duties...I didn't even have to think about it.  I was more than thrilled to be working with the CLC to get students excited about the sciences and amateur radio - a hobby that has taught me so much. 

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